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Hare-Raising: Playboy Recruits On College Campuses

by Tony Perkins

March 29, 2007

Here’s today’s Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

While theres no room for Easter or the Easter Bunny on most college campuses, officials at Mississippi State see no problem in welcoming Playboy bunnies. As a part of a massive recruiting push for one of Americas biggest porn magazines, bunnies were hopping across campus. A campus newspaper exposed the visit, saying that Playboy representatives admitted that they were auditioning for its Girls of the S.E.C. edition. The Dean of Students at MSU, who was interviewed for the article, said he has no concerns about the idea. But some school officials say its more than a hare-brained idea. Its promoting promiscuity, when MSU should be promoting education. Hugh Hefner is asking who wants to be a Playboy bunny, but no one ever asks, Who wants to contract an STD? or Who wants to get pregnant? This generation doesnt see the consequences. They see a world where women who take off their clothes are rewarded with a magazine cover or TV gig. At Harvard, where the students sponsor a racy magazine, one group is taking a stand against the hook-up culture. Theyve founded a group called True Love Revolution to promote abstinence on campus. And if you ask me, thats exactly the kind of sexual revolution these schools need.

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Remembering the Maine

by Tony Perkins

March 8, 2007

Under the new Congress we are anticipating a slew of pro-homosexual bills as payback for the help that the same-sex marriage lobby gave the Democrats in the election last fall. Because most people, including many in Congress, realize how radical that lobby is, homosexual groups are well-versed in masking their agenda. Creating special protections for homosexuals becomes “hate crimes.” Forcing businesses to elevate homosexuality to civil rights status becomes the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act.” Mainstreaming the homosexual lifestyle at the expense of morale in the Armed Forces becomes “The Military Readiness Enhancement Act.”

While we are fighting a federal wish list that Rosie O’Donnell would love, our friends in the states have been battling this same agenda for years. A state legislator in Maine recently introduced a bill to strip the clergy of the right to sign marriage licenses, thereby divorcing state-sanctioned marriage from religious ceremonies. Lawmakers in Maine have also introduced LD375, “an act to amend the Family Medical Leave Laws,” which would greatly expand the existing domestic partnership benefits. Mike Heath, Executive Director of the Christian Civic League of Maine, is working hard to push back the agenda by enlisting online activists to help him. Please sign up for the Civic League’s citizen Action Center today.

Sex Ed. in the Shop Class?

by Family Research Council

March 6, 2007

In Indianapolis, Indiana, middle school “sex education” has reached an entirely new plateau. What for months remained a jealously guarded secret at Warren Townships Raymond Park Middle School has now been shockingly exposed: Two 6th grade students engaged in sexual intercourse during class under the nose of an oblivious teacher.

At the middle school, so-called shop class afforded the students the opportunity of learning through experience. Apparently books simply arent realistic enough for certain subjects.

The story surfaced when a disturbed local resident tipped off a news channel, writing: …during school hours in a classroom with an experienced teacher present, two sixth graders completed the act of intercourse…at least ten students were witnesses. No disciplinary actions were taken against the teacher… All teachers were told to keep quiet.

According to Warren Township Associate Superintendent Jeff Swensson, the act of classroom intercourse did take place and was subsequently kept hidden one skeleton that needed to stay in the closet. Maybe more interestingly, the Raymond Park Middle School Principal refused to be interviewed concerning the subject, only issuing the following trite statement:

Two students were involved in inappropriate conduct in a lab class last semester. We have investigated the matter and taken appropriate action. The school corporation considers the matter closed and will have no further comment.

We have a serious problem on our hands when the instructors of Americas next generation are sanctioning public educational sexual intercourse. Have our moral sensibilities been desensitized to the point that we no longer assent to even the most basic codes of ethics?

Senor, or Senorita? In Spain, it’s the thought that counts

by Jared Bridges

March 2, 2007

When it comes to gender in Spain, anatomy is a gray area:

Spain’s parliament on Thursday passed a law allowing transsexuals to change their name and gender on official documents without needing to undergo surgery first.

Now that sex selection is ultimately up to the individual, rather than anatomy, those who were a little nervous about having the surgery can rest easy. All that’s required for a person to officially change his or her (or is it her or his?) sex is “to present an official medical diagnosis stating a clinically proven case of gender dysfunction and to have undergone appropriate treatment for two years before changes in identity documents can be performed.”

Somebody better double-check Spain’s “women’s” basketball team at the next Olympic games…

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Telling of Congressional Priorities

by Tony Perkins

March 2, 2007

You may not have asked, but I’ll tell you any way. Wednesday, Rep. Marty Meehan (D-MA) reintroduced legislation that would not only repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy but also the 200-year-old law that bans homosexuals from openly serving in the military. Citing opinion polls, Meehan says the general support for his bill is growing. However, what matters in this case is not what the latest poll says, but what’s best for our military and the men and women who serve. The same study that found higher civilian backing for the repeal also showed overwhelming opposition to change among our servicemen. Only 26 percent of soldiers support a move to allow gays to serve openly. With the demands on the Armed Services, Meehan estimates that over 40,000 homosexuals would join the military if the ban is lifted.

What he doesn’t address are the tens of thousands who would not join or who would leave the service if the legislation is passed. As a veteran of the Marine Corps I can say that the defense of our country should not be sacrificed for the promotion of a political agenda.

More Maher Mendacity: Bill Maher on FRC and the HPV Vaccine

by Family Research Council

March 2, 2007

Remember when comedian Bill Maher was smart, thoughtful, and funny? Yeah, me neither. Still, I keep holding out hope that he will say something witty or intelligent. Instead, he continues to disappoint by sinking to greater depths of boorishness and mendacity.

Take, for example, his latest half-cocked rant in, Christians crusade against cancer vaccine:

Now for the bad news: Not everyone is pleased with this [HPV] vaccine. That prevents cancer. Christian parent groups and churches nationwide are fighting it. Bridget Maher — no relation, and none planned — of the Family Research Council says giving girls the vaccine is bad, because the girls “may see it as a license to engage in premarital sex.”

Maher forgets to mention that the quote from “Bridget Maher…of the Family Research Council” is found in a New Scientist article from April 2005. Even third-rate bloggers wouldnt dredge up a quote from two years ago without seeing if its still relevant. [Note: Ms. Maher no longer works for FRC.] Maher could have checked Wikipedias entry on FRC where he would have found that the quote did not reflect FRC’s position on the HPV vaccine. Or if he had bothered to look at FRCs website he would have noticed on the front page a link to an article titled, Clarification of 2005 Family Research Council Media Remarks on HPV Vaccine

In response to initial media inquiries regarding the HPV vaccine in early 2005, an FRC spokesman raised the question of whether a vaccine for a sexually-transmitted disease like HPV could give its recipients a false sense of security and thus make them less cautious about their sexual behavior. The theory that reducing one of the risks of a behavior might make that behavior more common is hardly illogical. There is even a scientific term for this, which is “sexual disinhibition.” In our meetings with Merck regarding the vaccine later that year, they indicated that they were quite aware of the potential for sexual disinhibition, and that they had examined that issue in the course of their clinical trials for the HPV vaccine. They assured us that they had found no evidence for any increase in sexual disinhibition in connection with the vaccine. We had no basis for doubting that claim, but encouraged them to continue to study that issue after approval of the vaccine for general use.

After extensive study of the vaccine and discussion with medical experts, we concluded that the public health benefits of developing and distributing such a vaccine far outweighed any potential, hypothetical concerns about its impact on sexual behavior. Therefore, we announced in October of 2005 that we would enthusiastically support the development of the vaccine and federal approval of its use, including its addition to the list of vaccines recommended to physicians and of those made available to lower-income families through the Vaccines for Children program. Virtually all pro-family public policy organizations have announced similar support for the vaccine itself. [emphasis added]

In other words, the position of FRC is the exact opposite of what Maher claims.

(Also, does he believe that Merck wants to “make sure sex is as dangerous as possible”? After all, they examined the issue of sexual disinhibition in their clinical trials— the very question that he criticizes Ms. Maher for raising. Obviously, the researchers at Merck hate sex.)

Unfortunately, this is not the only fact that Maher gets wrong. He also claims that “the vaccine is so good, it could wipe out HPV.” Perhaps he missed the recent Washington Post article which notes, “Just 3.4 percent of the women studied had infections with one of the four HPV strains that the new vaccine protects against.” Although that 3.4% will account for 70% of cervical cancer cases—and have a significant impact on women’s health—the vaccine will not help the millions of other women infected with other, less deadly strains of HPV. The vaccine will not, as Maher claims, wipe out HPV.

Maher would obviously have no problem telling a child that since she had the vaccination she had no chance of getting HPV. She would be in for quite a shock then if she were to later develop a nasty case of HPV-related genital warts. Mahers own ignorance about the STD shows why it was not unreasonable to wonder if girls could get a false sense of security from having the vaccination.

Mahers incomprehension about STDs is rather disconcerting. He claims that, Activists don’t want girls inoculated against HPV because they want sex to remain as scary as possible. But if the average American male has as rudimentary a sexual education as Maher, its hard to image how sex could get any scarier.

No Aid to AIDS Groups That Promote Prostitution

by Tony Perkins

March 1, 2007

In a commonsense ruling, the D.C. Court of Appeals sided with the Bush administration yesterday saying that the president can deny AIDS funding to groups that condone prostitution and sex trafficking. The case, now a year and a half old, was brought by DKT International, Inc., a family planning group that, among other things, provides condoms to Vietnamese sex workers. When DKT refused to sign a pledge that it would honor the President’s anti-trafficking policies, the administration denied it taxpayer support. A lower court sided with DKT, stating that the nonprofit’s First Amendment rights were violated because the funding conditions “insisted that the groups ‘parrot’ the government’s position on prostitution.” Fortunately, a three-judge panel reversed the decision and restored President Bush’s authority to fund only those organizations that communicate the U.S. government’s opposition to sex trafficking.

Abstinence Programs Worth Their Wait In Gold

by Tony Perkins

March 1, 2007

Here’s today’s Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Some pro-abortion groups are arguing that Congress is spending too much money on a good thingabstinence education. This year, if the Presidents budget passes, funding for abstinence programs will be at an all-time high. And for good reason. A study in the journal Adolescent and Family Health says classes that teach kids to save sex for marriage are responsible for a 66% reduction in teen pregnancies. Researchers are finding proof that the best weapon against promiscuity isnt contraception but urging kids to abstain from sex altogether. And if President Bush gets his way, more students will get the message that the safest sex is within marriage. His budget includes a $28 million increase in abstinence fundingwithout putting extra money in the hands of people whose only answer to pregnancy and disease is more safe sex! Join with me in asking Congress to invest in what works. Otherwise, well be paying an even bigger price for a generation of mistakes.

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What About the Other 97.8%?

by Peter Sprigg

February 28, 2007

Over the past few days, both The Washington Times and the Washington Post have run stories on HPV and the new HPV vaccine, Gardasil. The Times articles on the subject may have underplayed the risks from HPV to young women and girls. Today’s Post article, on the other hand, seems to overplay it.

The headline (“Millions In U.S. Infected With HPV: Study Finds Virus Strikes a Third of Women by Age 24”) is about the large number of women who are infected with HPV—which would seem calculated to build support for making the vaccine mandatory. But those figures refer to at least 27 strains of genital HPV. Only in paragraph four do you learn that “only 2.2% of women were carrying one of the two virus strains most likely to lead to cervical cancer”—in other words, the two cancer-related strains targeted by the vaccine.

To put this another way—vaccinating the entire population with Gardasil would not eliminate a virus that infects one quarter to one third of American women, as the headline might lead you to believe. Instead, it would only eliminate the strains that infect 2.2% of women.

Now, that 2.2% will account for 70% of cervical cancer cases, so the vaccine’s impact is very significant in relation to that disease. But the vaccine will not help the millions of other women infected with other, less deadly strains of HPV. Only abstinence will help them all.

Gum Game Shows Kids That Extra Restraint Lasts Extra Long

by Tony Perkins

February 23, 2007

Here’s today’s Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

A parent in one Maryland school district say an abstinence program has bitten off more than it can chew. Because of something called the gum game, schools in Montgomery County banned the curriculum. As part of the lesson, instructors handed kids a stick of gum and asked them to take turns chewing it. The idea sounds disgusting, but thats exactly the point. Teachers were trying to get students to understand that if they wouldnt share gum because of the germs, why would they share their beds and risk catching an STD? One official said, This exercise showed a terrible lack of judgment. But the same can be said of pulling the program. Instead of asking instructors to stop playing the game, the Country used it as an excuse to shut them down. Its ironic. These schools have no problem showing kids how to engage in so-called safe sex, but a gum game crosses the line? Montgomery County should restore the abstinence message instead of bursting this programs bubble.

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