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What today feels like…

by Robert Morrison

February 5, 2008

There’s an odd feeling in the office today. So much is at stake. It’s overcast in Washington. Everything is anticipation. What will the voters do? I remember being here in 1984. We were pretty confident that President Reagan would be re-elected. He led in all the polls. Still, there was uneasiness.

I concluded then that in most countries, the people fear the capital city. In this country, the capital city has a healthy fear of the people. Keep it that way.

President Reagan, of course, respected the American people. And more, he loved them. They fully returned his affection. That day, they gave him their support. He carried forty-nine states.

Shortly afterward, I was asked to draft a letter for President Reagan to Congress. In my version, the President said “if we don’t teach phonics, I fear the rising generation will lack the essential tool of literacy.” I got that draft letter back within three hours. That line was circled in red. In the margin, someone in the President’s office wrote: “This president has concerns. He has no fears.” I was never so happy to be corrected in my life.

Witherspooner Well Prepared

by Robert Morrison

December 10, 2007

We’re happy to congratulate Witherspoon alumnus David Crater (a Witherspoon Fellow in the Summer of 2001)on his success in Germany. We will always be gratified by the successes of the students whom we have had the privilege of knowing here at FRC.


A team of University of Colorado at Boulder MBA students beat 80 other teams to win an international competition that required participants to develop a business plan to distribute solar energy technology in Africa.

The winning team included CU-Boulder Leeds School of Business graduate students (left to right in photo) Tetyana Hinkson (MBA ‘08), David Crater (MBA ‘08), and Kristin Apple (MBA ‘08). The trio competed in the Business Masters 2007 International Case Studies Competition finals in Karlsruhe, Germany, on Nov. 21 through Nov. 23.

The team beat competitors from other leading business schools around the world with a plan that would provide an affordable, environmentally friendly solar energy system in East Africa to irrigate crops, increase food production and generate more income for the region’s farmers and entrepreneurs.

Read the whole article here.

Video of Bill Bennett’s lecture at FRC

by Jared Bridges

December 7, 2007

Yesterday, FRC was treated to a Witherspoon Fellowship Lecture by William J. Bennett. If you weren’t able to come in person, or missed the webcast, you can now view the video of the lecture below:

Note: The Witherspoon Fellowship is FRC’s D.C.—based academic internship. If you’re a college student or recent college graduate, and are interested in the Witherspoon Fellowship, you can find more information here.

Expelled” Live Lecture Webcast at 11:00AM EST

by Jared Bridges

November 28, 2007

If you’re in downtown DC today, please join us at FRC headquarters at 11:00 AM for a Policy lecture on the film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. You can also view a webcast of the event by following this link. Here’s the relevant info:

In the forthcoming major motion picture Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Ben Stein exposes the frightening efforts by the Darwinian Machine to suppress evidence of intelligent design in nature and discriminate against those who examine such evidence.

Join Todd Norquist and Dairek Morgan for a powerful presentation on this controversial documentary that chronicles Ben Stein’s quest to bring back freedom in our institutions, laboratories and most importantly, in our classrooms.

See a SNEAK PEEK of exclusive clips from Bens Expelled movie with a special guest appearance by Caroline Crocker, a biology professor who lost her job after she questioned evolution.

Follow this link to register or view the webcast at 11:00 AM.

Washington Briefing Straw Poll Results

by Family Research Council

October 20, 2007


Which of the following candidates for President would you be most likely to vote for?

Total Straw Poll Results

Mitt Romney 1595 27.62%
Mike Huckabee 1565 27.15%
Ron Paul 865 14.98%
Fred Thompson 564 9.77%
Undecided 329 5.70%
Sam Brownback 297 5.14%
Duncan Hunter 140 2.42%
Tom Tancredo 133 2.30%
Rudy Giuliani 107 1.85%
John McCain 81 1.40%
Not Voting 67 1.16%
Barack Obama 9 0.16%
Joe Biden 5 0.09%
Hillary Clinton 5 0.09%
John Edwards 4 0.07%
Dennis Kucinich 4 0.07%
Christopher Dodd 2 0.03%
Bill Richardson 2 0.03%
Mike Gravel 1 0.02%
Total 5,775 100%

Onsite Straw Poll Results

Mike Huckabee 488 51.26%
Mitt Romney 99 10.40%
Fred Thompson 77 8.09%
Tom Tancredo 65 6.83%%
Rudy Giuliani 60 6.30%
Duncan Hunter 54 5.67%
John McCain 30 3.15%
Sam Brownback 26 2.73%
Ron Paul 25 2.63%
Undecided 11 1.16%
Not Voting 7 0.74%
Barack Obama 5 0.53%
Christopher Dodd 2 0.21%
Dennis Kucinich 2 0.11%
Joe Biden 1 0.11%
Hillary Clinton 0 0.00%
John Edwards 0 0.00%
Mike Gravel 0 0.00%
Bill Richardson 0 0.00%
Total 952 100%

Briefing Coverage from the Washington Briefing’s New Media Row

by Jared Bridges

October 20, 2007

**UPDATED 10/22** We’ve got a full slate of bloggers here at New Media Row, which is sponsored by our friends at Americans United for Life

There are many more, and I’ll continue to add links as I get them, but this should get you started.

If you’re here blogging and are not yet listed, please alert me in the comments and I’ll add your link.

The Washington Briefing is underway

by Jared Bridges

October 19, 2007

I’m here in the ballroom of the Hilton Washington, as the Briefing began just over an hour ago. We’ve already heard from Sen. John McCain, Sen. Sam Brownback, and Rep. Tom Tancredo is speaking now.

If you want to watch the coverage online, you can view streaming content (both live and archived) at, who is webcasting the event.

Also C-SPAN is here and is covering the event live today from 10 AM until 5:30 pm. They will pick up coverage again at 7:30 PM on C-SPAN 2.

Drawing Straws

by Jared Bridges

October 18, 2007

With the FRC Action Washington Briefing 2007 just about to get underway, now would be as good a time as any to vote in the Brieifing’s Straw Poll. You can vote here in person if you’ve registered for the Briefing, or you can become a member of FRC Action and vote online.

Voting will end soon, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and vote

UPDATE: I’ve confirmed the time, and voting will be closed at 1:00p.m. EDT on Saturday.

Religion & Politics at American University

by Jared Bridges

September 6, 2007

Yesterday, I had the privilege of participating in “Table Talk Luncheon” at American University’s Kay Spiritual Life Center. The topic was “Religion & Politics in the US: Young Evangelicals in National Politics.” My worthy counterpart on the panel was Tim Kumfer from Sojourners, with whom I even found a few points of agreement (you’ll have to listen to the audio to find out exactly which points).

Before a packed room of American University students, we discussed “hot button” issues like same-sex marriage, embryonic stem cell research, abortion, and the nation’s “right-left divide” and evangelicals’ involvement in politics. Although most of the audience seemed to lean left, they were gracious hosts, and I had a great time. Thanks to all the students who attended, and to the chaplains who organized the event.

I’ll post a link to the audio of the event here whenever it becomes available.