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You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Potty

by Family Research Council

June 26, 2008

As their Presidential nominee was spreading the myth of gender equity that “women still earn only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men” his Democratic colleagues in Congress were pushing for a different kind of equality, porcelain parity.

Congressmen Ed Towns (D-NY-6%) and Yvette Clarke (D-NY-6%) have sent around a “Dear Colleague” asking Members to support H.R. 693, Restroom Gender Parity in Federal Buildings Act of 2007. According to the letter the bill will

require any federal building constructed for public use, with a total expenditure in excess of $1,500,000, to have a 2 to 1 ratio for women and men’s restrooms.”

In case you were wondering this is all done at taxpayer expense.

The letter was filled with wonderful facts such as

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), individuals vary significantly in the frequency with which they need to urinate and defecate, with pregnant women and women with stress incontinence needing to urinate more frequently.”

Uhhh, may I ask why OSHA is studying such things? I would think it is not really an issue taxpayers would take (forgive me) sitting down.

Senator Craig (R-WY) was unavailable for comment.

Zero Tolerance

by Family Research Council

June 13, 2008

Not all of California is one banana short of a bunch. One area of sanity is in Kern County where the elected clerk and auditor-controller, Ann Barnett, has decided instead of being complicit in the destruction of marriage that Kern County would stop performing marriages. The reactions to her actions expose quite a bit of the intolerance Christians can expect more and more of as the “same-sex” marriage movement goes beyond California.

On Thursday, she appeared stung by critics who have labeled her a “religious terrorist” and called for her resignation; by the hate mail that has flooded her office; by the unceasing requests for interviews, so many that she has unplugged her home phone.

I’m just a county clerk trying to do my job,” said the tall and soft-spoken 53-year-old, dressed in business attire, hands folded primly on her lap. “I wasn’t out to make a statement.”

The local leader in the area’s homosexual community makes it very clear what should happen to people who disagree with him.

If it really bothers her conscience, she might want to consider stepping down,” Wedell said.

Mmmmm bouncy

by Family Research Council

October 10, 2007

Greenpeace urges kangaroo consumption to fight global warming

Article from: Herald Sun

Karen Collier

October 10, 2007 02:35pm

MORE kangaroos should be slaughtered and eaten to help save the world from global warming, environmental activists say.

The controversial call to cut down on beef and serve more of the national symbol on our dinner plates follows a report on curbing greenhouse gas emissions damaging the planet.

Greenpeace energy campaigner Mark Wakeham urged Aussies to substitute some red meat for roo to help reduce land clearing and the release of methane gas.

More … .


Knowing When to Fold Them

by Family Research Council

September 27, 2007

Some people may laugh when I say this but there are still kids today in the U.S. who look up to elected officials. I did as a kid, as a young adult and I do today. Being public figures, politicians owe to society more then just obeying the laws they pass, they also have an obligation to live their lives as closely as possible to the role models that some see them as and when they falter they must think about the disgrace they are bringing to their office and to the larger majority of outstanding public servants. Too often a politician thinks that if they have done nothing illegal then they have done nothing wrong forgetting morality and laws are two different things. They do not seem to have this problem when athletes conduct themselves immorally - Congress is usually the first to condemn and call for hearings.

When it is discovered that a homosexual escort service has been run out of a Congressmans house then that Congressman should resign. Or when an elected official tries to (and in some cases succeeds) have sexual relations with a young page or intern then that politician should resign. When a Senator pleads guilty to a charge related to soliciting sex in a public restroom they should resign and not submit Congress or their fine state to any further embarrassment. Additionally if a Senator conducts an Appropriations Committee hearing and allows, even encourages, the audience to heckle a respected U.S. General perhaps it is time to end an already too long political career.

The further we define deviancy down the more likely we all become a nation of deviants. Just as politicians are compelled to resign when they are exposed as financially corrupt with the public purse - they should feel the same compulsion when they are morally corrupt with the public trust.

Update alsorans

by Family Research Council

August 23, 2007

Stories that if they ran we would all get fired

Boy in court for hurling sausage

Zoo rhino killed by sand blockage

Whither ‘Spot’? Whither ‘Puff’?

For the fifth year in a row, the most popular dog and cat name in the United States is Max.

Firefighters Save 6 Cats From Milford Blaze

Texas Rangers 30: Baltimore Orioles 3

Toddler Taser

The commitment to protect your baby, is more than something rational. It is innate. What is rational is taking steps to reconcile the instinct to protect, to always be there when needed. To this end the Toddler Taser is a wise choice for any parent.

SpongeBob SquarePants Journals Recalled For Lead

The government says an Ohio importer has recalled nearly 250,000 SpongeBob SquarePants address books and journals manufactured in China.

Because I know you really miss the Update . . .

by Family Research Council

August 23, 2007

Group To Out Signers Of Anti-Gay Oregon Petition

People who sign petitions seeking to put measures repealing two LGBT civil rights laws on next November’s ballot are about to be outed. This is similar to intimidation tactics used in Massachusetts and elsewhere. They call you up and lie to you that you broke the law, are vulnerable to identity theft, etc. I guess when you cant win on the merits you resort to dirty tricks.

Getting Real About Chavez by Jeb Koogler

For a long time, Ive defended Hugo Chavez. I thought that he was fighting a worthy battle against greed and corruption, against years of foreign domination and cronyism. I thought he was trying to improve the lives of poor people, while establishing a strong economy, an independent and self-respecting nation, and a vibrant democracy.

But now, after watching events unfold in the past few months, Im ready to admit that I was mistaken.

Playboy Enterprises Launches College Social Network; Says ‘Non-Nude’

Scientists Drug-Test Whole Cities

One urban area with a gambling industry had meth levels more than five times higher than other cities.

A Test Case for Abolishing Family by Terence Jeffrey

As odd is it might seem, the next to last day of 2003 may someday be seen as a fateful moment for the traditional family. That is the when the United States Drug Enforcement Agency busted a pair of methamphetamine dealers in Philadelphia.

In a remarkable example of the corrosive force liberalism exerts on our society, the arrest of these drug dealers led to an opinion issued July 31 by U.S. District Judge Marvin Katz that — if sustained by the Supreme Court — could erase the special status marriage and the traditional family enjoy in American law.

Education field donating more in presidential race

Of the more than $7 million that academics donated in the first half of this year, more than $4.1 million went to presidential campaigns, particularly Barack Obama’s, according to a study released this month by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. The Illinois senator brought in almost $1.5 million, while Hillary Clinton received nearly $940,000. Republican Mitt Romney was in third place, with about $448,000, but overall, three-quarters of contributions went to Democrats.

Update Schmupdate: Stories to read during the hiatus

by Family Research Council

August 22, 2007

Fla. Governor Crist may bet state budget on gambling

A deal with the Seminole Tribe could offer relief, he says.

As the political odds increasingly favor Las Vegas-style gambling on Florida tribal lands, the Seminole Tribe sees big dollar signs, and so does Gov. Charlie Crist.

La. Democrats sink to new low

The Louisiana Democratic Party sunk to a new low earlier this week when the party unveiled a round of negative campaign advertising on television attacking Republican Congressman Bobby Jindal’s faith in Jesus Christ.” The offending commercial can be seen here.

Why the U.S. Ranks Low on WHO’s Health-Care Study by John Stossel

The New York Times recently declared “the disturbing truth … that … the United States is a laggard not a leader in providing good medical care.”

As usual, the Times editors get it wrong.

Ministry Sues to Keep Same-Sex Ceremonies Out of Its Facility

( - A Methodist group that refuses to let homosexuals hold civil union ceremonies at one of its retreat facilities is suing New Jersey officials to prevent the state from forcing the church to violate its religious beliefs.

Jacksonville Jaguars Gives Planned Parenthood Abortion Business $30K Grant

Hate Crimes Law Defy Testimony of Experience

by Tony Perkins

Subverting Rights You Relish Will Catch Up With You

Right about now, Christian fundamentalists are shouting, “Told you so!” And gay-rights advocates have nobody but themselves to blame. Social conservatives long have maintained that laws and constitutional amendments defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman were needed because if gay marriage gained a foothold, then religious freedom would soon be under fire. As Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (FRC) put it last year, “When we look at what has happened with same-sex marriage … we’ve seen in its wake the loss of religious freedoms and the ability to speak out based upon one’s moral convictions.”

Group launches anti-embryonic stem cell initiative

A group called Cures Without Cloning filed ballot language with the Missouri Secretary of States office for a state Constitutional amendment that would prohibit funding for any type of research, including SCNT, that involves human cloning, said Curt Mercadante, a spokesman for the group.

Kids First…Then everyone else follows onto government health care! By David Freddoso

Late last week, the Bush administration announced plans to curb the practice of states putting already-insured and non-needy children on the rolls of a federal program that subsidizes health insurance for uninsured and needy children.

Beltway Brat Packers: Bipartisan pushers and shovers and VIP linecutters.

By Michelle Malkin

Everything you hate about the culture of Washington is symbolized in two recent altercations involving two obnoxious Beltway buttinskis, one Democrat and one Republican.

Stories not quite ready for the Update

by Family Research Council

August 22, 2007

What scarecrow? Bartlett has its scare-gators

City puts the fright in geese with visions of alligators and coyotes

Bartlett has new tools for bird abatement: coyotes on sticks and alligator heads.

Not real coyotes or alligators, mind you, but fake ones that look mean enough to scare flocks of wildfowl from parks and ponds.

Now dirty chopsticks picked up in China scare

BEIJING (Reuters) - A Beijing factory recycled used chopsticks and sold up to 100,000 pairs a day without any form of disinfection, a newspaper said on Wednesday, the latest is a string of food and product safety scares.

Norway’s Moose Population in Trouble for Belching

The poor old Scandinavian moose is now being blamed for climate change, with researchers in Norway claiming that a grown moose can produce 2,100 kilos of methane a year — equivalent to the CO2 output resulting from a 13,000 kilometer car journey.

Big Mac Museum Restaurant opens in North Huntingdon

Rejected Update story submissions

by Family Research Council

August 21, 2007

Missing body parts of famous people

Duathlon organisers insure against Loch Ness monster attack

Organisers of a duathlon in Scotland have taken out a one-million-pound (1.46-million-euro, 1.97-million-dollar) insurance policy against attack by or sighting of the fabled Loch Ness monster.

Man rides mule from Minnesota to Wyoming

Women really do prefer pink, researchers say

Boys like blue, girls like pink and there isn’t much anybody can do about it, researchers said on Monday in one of the first studies to show scientifically that there are gender-based color preferences.

Filner disputes assault and battery charges

United employee claims congressman pushed him at baggage claim area

Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., has been summoned to court on assault and battery charges after an incident at Dulles Airport on Sunday night where he allegedly pushed a United Airlines bag claim employee.

Any way you slice it, you’ll pay more for pizza

Eateries feeling pinch of increased dairy prices