DefCons Protest Of Bible Classes: A Testament Of Ignorance

April 10, 2007

Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

A liberal organization Defending the Constitution, or DefCon must be dealing with some serious separation anxiety. The group, which says its committed to the separation of church and state, is protesting a recent Time magazine article about the benefits of teaching the Bible in public schools. In the article, writer David van Biema argues that there are cultural and social benefits to understanding Scripture that todays teenagers are missing out on. And hes not alone. Polls show that 60% of Americans agree with teaching Bible literacy in a secular setting like public schools. Why? Not because its a chance to preach to studentsbut because its an opportunity to teach them about Americas biblical foundation. Posting the Ten Commandments in public or reading the Bible doesnt constitute a religionany more than our national motto does. Theyre simply elements of U.S. history. And without them, its impossible to understand Western civilization. So the DefCons, the Barry Lynns, and the ACLUs of the world can try scaring Time magazine into submission. But in the end, all theyll have to show for it is a generation who, like the popular song says, Dont know much about history...

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