Doctors Heart Adult Stem Cells

December 23, 2009

More stories making the rounds about the recently-announced success of adult stem cells at treating heart damage. We noted the publication back on December 1, but additional news stories are coming out now. In fact, CNN has finally publicized the story of successful adult stem cell therapy for recent heart attack. Other news groups, as well as other participants in the study, are now publicizing the study showing that adult stem cells can help repair heart damage in patients. The research team is now recruiting patients into a Phase II trial of the adult stem cell therapy at 41 sites.

A second recent published report, in the journal Circulation: Heart Failure, found that infusing a patient's own bone marrow adult stem cells after a first heart attack could reduce the risk of death as well as the risk of a second heart attack. The clinical trial, conducted at 17 centers in Germany and Switzerland, found that after two years, no patients treated with adult stem cells had suffered a heart attack while seven patients from the placebo group had, and that cell-infused patients were less likely to die or be re-hospitalized for heart failure.

Doctors love adult stem cells for cardiac problems, and patients do, too.