Internet Abortion Shows No Respect for Life

February 24, 2010

Yesterday, as I was digesting my second cup of coffee, my friend sent me a link to something she deemed really off the charts. I clicked on the link only to be disturbed by the accounts on a blog, in addition to watching a YouTube video that brought tears to my eyes listening to the accounts of a woman describing her abortion. The woman had no guilt or remorse for the harm she was placing on the baby she conceived, and this was hard to contemplate.

I said a prayer for this woman, but I began to ponder whether this is the first of many videos covering senseless acts of tragedy against an unborn life. Abortion is the loss of a life with much potential, and the fact that this was broadcast online for the world to see only provides the opportunity for bringing an alternative to abortion into the limelight.

With the help of a Pregnancy Resource Center, this woman could have received assistance and sound medical advice to bring her child into the world. Even if she did not want the child, there is the option of adoption. Adoption would allow this child to be loved and cared for by a family, in addition to allowing that child to pursue dreams and opportunities.

FRC recently published a report about the difference Pregnancy Resource Centers are making in the lives of women contemplating abortion. Take for example, Megan, who was considering using RU-486 (the same drug the woman in the video used) to abort her baby. However, after a change of heart and receiving support from her local Pregnancy Resource Center, she gave birth to her daughter, Ava.

Megans decision saved a beautiful life with much potential. The tragedy is that the woman in the video will never know her terminated childs potential.