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Join Us Tonight at 7 p.m. EDT for our Stand with Scouts Sunday Simulcast

by FRC Media Office

May 5, 2013

Tonight at 7 p.m. EDT, FRC will be hosting the “Stand with Scouts Sunday” simulcast.  Learn more about what you can do to preserve Scouting as its founders envisioned it - as a resource for young men to develop in morally, mentally, and healthy ways, free to be boys and teens without the invasion of cultural controversies.

Speakers include:

  • Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council
  • Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas)
  • Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Miss.)
  • Pastor Robert Hall, Calvary Chapel Rio Rancho
  • Zina Hackworth, Moms of Boy Scouts

You can watch the live simulcast TONIGHT at 7 p.m. EDT by visiting the Stand with Scouts Sunday website.

Madonna Still Scouting - for Herself

by Rob Schwarzwalder

March 21, 2013

A woman who has built her career on extravagant self-debasement continues to find ways to demean and coarsen herself.

A few days ago, Madonna appeared at the GLAAD awards dressed in a Cub Scout uniform. With a Scoutmaster’s hat affixed to the back of her head, cowboy-style, she virtually purred with self-satisfaction at yet another few moments on the glistening stage of pop culture.

It should be clear that she was wearing a Cub Scout, not a Boy Scout, uniform. The former is worn by little boys who, by the way, wear caps, not broad-rimmed tan hats. Am I the only person troubled that a woman whose entire career has been premised on the continuous, ever-more graphic sexualization of herself would wear a child’s outfit to make a point about homosexuality? To objectify oneself is certainly an option in our society, however dehumanizing it might be. But is it really necessary to bring children into such an endeavor?

The uniform was, of course, secondary to the singer’s “look at me!” purpose. That she peppered her comments with obscenity and, in her remarks, reduced Scouting to such things as pitching a tent and building a fire says a great deal. Although these and many other practical skills are important to Scouting, building character is the chief goal of the BSA. Sadly, this is an objective concerning which Madonna seems both ignorant and unconcerned.

Rather than anger, Christians should feel pity for an entertainer desperately seeking public affirmation, but avoiding discovery of what it means to live as a person made in the image and likeness of God.

FRC in the News: February 6, 2013

by Nicole Hudgens

February 6, 2013

Hot Off the Press: Tony Perkins on CNN News

FRC’s President Tony Perkins, was on CNN this morning discussing the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) vote that would allow open homosexuals to become members and leaders. Perkins points out that the BSA has stood for moral principles for decades and that the boys should not have to worry about being with men or boys who are attracted to them. The BSA is designed to help raise boys into manhood. The Associated Press and the Washington Post has just reported that the BSA will not vote on the decision until May. Please be in prayer for the BSA that they would stand firm in their timeless values. You can share the ad from FRC via email, Facebook, Twitter and any other favorite media sites!

When it Comes to Religious Rights, “Accounting Gimmicks” Won’t do!

After the outcry of “foul play” from religious organizations, the Obama administration is offering a proposal which will allow faith-based organizations to be exempt from paying for contraceptives. Churches and synagogues can choose not to provide contraceptives. However, “non-profits with religious affiliations” are not exempt. Anna Higgins, FRC’s Director for the Center of Human Dignity, was quoted in a recent CBS News article and stated that:

“The accounting gimmicks HHS is now proposing under the latest regulation fail to satisfy the religious freedom protections that exist in other current laws and in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution”

How to Really Help the Economy: Save the Family

Dr. Patrick Fagan, Senior Fellow and Director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI) at FRC, wrote an insightful article in The Public Discourse. Fagan’s research shows that even if the best of conservative economic plans were put into action, it still would not be enough to fix the economy. We must promote solid marriage, which produces solid children and productivity. As Fagan states:

“The intact married family with children is the household that generates the productive work, income, and savings that purchase houses, food, cars, and clothing, use energy, send children to school, and save for college and weddings.”

FRC in the News: February 5, 2013

by Nicole Hudgens

February 5, 2013

Looking at the Boy Scout Ban from an Eagle Eye’s-View

FRC’s Government Affairs Intern, Lance Clevinger, wrote an article featured in The Washington Times from his unique perspective—that of an Eagle Scout. Clevinger describes his journey to earning the highly esteemed award that is based on character. He challenges the Boy Scouts of America to stand on their timeless values and show the boys what true character is: bravely standing strong for what is right.

Schwarzwalder to Boy Scouts: Stand on Principle and Don’t Bow to Pressure

Rob Schwarzwalder, Senior Vice-President at FRC, discusses how the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) should stand for morality in his article featured in The Christian Post. Schwarzwalder quotes the BSA’s handbook which states:

‘“While the BSA does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers, or members, we do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals or who engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the BSA.”’

Schwarzwalder also talks about how the BSA was founded on “a Judeo-Christian moral structure” and therefore should continue to promote these important values to their youth.

Boy Scouts: Will They Stand Strong for Timeless Values?

Watch our new video that questions whether the Boy Scouts will stand strong for timeless values, especially in light of their leadership considering changing the policy to allow homosexuals to become troop leaders. Also, visit our webpage and learn how you can take action today.

Obamacare and the Long Road Ahead

FRC’s Senior Fellow for Religious Liberty, Ken Klukowski, writes about the Obamacare HHS Mandate losing in the courts in his article featured on Breitbart’s website. As Klukowski states, “there are now at least 12 HHS Mandate cases in the federal court of appeals.” All of these court cases challenge the regulation requiring that employers who have a total of 50 employees or more “must offer healthcare plans that include birth control, sterilization, and abortion-related services.”

Why Bar Homosexual Scouts, as Well as Scoutmasters?

by Peter Sprigg

February 1, 2013

In the debates over the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) policy against homosexuality—debates recently rekindled by reports that the BSA may lift that policy nationally—most of the focus has been on the impact (or asserted lack of impact) from having openly homosexual adults serve as Scoutmasters or other leaders or volunteers.

The current policy barring adult homosexual leaders and volunteers reflects three levels of concern:

1) Many parents, regardless of their specific opinions, wish to reserve to themselves the right to choose the timing and circumstances under which they will introduce and discuss with their children sensitive and controversial issues of sexuality, sexual orientation, and sexual ethics. Having leaders who are open about their homosexuality may run the risk of preempting that parental prerogative.

2) Many parents hold a traditional view of sexual ethics, including a conviction that sexual conduct between persons of the same sex is morally wrong. This view is still held by a majority of all Americans, so it is likely that it is held by an even larger majority of parents with sons in the Boy Scouts. Having openly homosexual leaders as role models in the Boy Scouts would send a message that homosexual conduct is morally acceptable, thus contradicting their own convictions and their right as parents to transmit those beliefs to their children.

3) Finally, the policy against homosexual leaders is consistent with efforts to reduce the risk of Boy Scouts becoming victims of child sexual abuse. (Yes, child sexual abuse has been a problem in the Boy Scouts even with the policy on homosexuality in place. And yes, homosexual activists vehemently reject the evidence which suggests that homosexual men—most of whom are not child molesters, and who do not commit most acts of child sexual abuse—are nevertheless, relative to their numbers, more likely to engage in such actions than are heterosexual men. Even without resolving that dispute, however, the logic of this concern is simple: Most parents would not want their daughters to go on overnight camping trips with adult men who are sexually attracted to females. By the same token, they would not want their sons to go on overnight camping trips with adult men who are sexually attracted to males.)

The Boy Scout policy against homosexuality does not just apply to adult leaders, however. It also bars boys who engage in homosexual conduct or publicly self-identify as homosexual from being Scouts. (Note that it would be impossible to bar a Scout merely because they experience same-sex attractions, unless they either proclaimed and/or acted on those attractions.) Some may wonder—why should this policy be imposed on the boys, as well as their adult leaders?

I recently came across a clear illustration of the answer. I was a guest on a radio program called AirTalk which was broadcast on KPCC, a Southern California Public Radio station. Another guest opposed the Boy Scout policy, I defended it, and listeners could call or email their own comments.

One emailed comment was read on the air, and after the program I found it posted on the station’s website as well. Here is what that listener, identified only as “Cruz,” had to say:

I am a gay man and while in the Boy Scouts, I heard my first dirty joke, heard my first sexually explicit language, learned how to cheat to win merit badges and had my first gay experience with another boy. Our Scout leader was a straight married man who had no idea that any of this was going on in his troop! Boys need GOOD leaders to give them GOOD guidance and it should not matter if they are straight or gay.

[W]hile in the Boy Scouts, I … had my first gay experience with another boy”?

This is what most parents do not want their sons to have happen when they sign them up for the Boy Scouts.

Cruz had his experience even with the policy against homosexuality in place. But can anyone deny (with a straight face), that such incidents will become more likely if the Scouts welcome into their ranks boys who openly proclaim their homosexuality?

That is exactly why the Boy Scout policy against homosexuality must apply to the boys as well as to their leaders.

Will Boys Scouts Flip-Flop on Homosexuality Policy—After Only Six Months?

by Peter Sprigg

January 31, 2013

News reports indicate that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) may be on the verge of dropping their longstanding national policy forbidding open homosexuals from serving as Scout leaders or Scouts.

What many people may not realize, or may have forgotten, is that not only were the current membership standards upheld by the U. S. Supreme Court in 2000—they were also upheld by the Boy Scouts national leadership only six months ago.

However, I have discovered that the press release the Scouts issued at the time is no longer available on their website. Although the decision to maintain their policy was widely reported at the time, I thought it would be useful to reprint here the full text of the press release now missing from the BSA website:

After Two-Year Evaluation, Boy Scouts of America Affirms Membership Standards and Announces No Change in Policy

Organization to Take No Further Action on Resolution Requesting Revision of Policy

July 17, 2012

http://www.scouting.org/Media/PressReleases/2012/20120717.aspx [no longer active as ofJanuary 31, 2013]

IRVING,TEXAS — After careful consideration of a resolution asking the Boy Scouts of America to reconsider its longstanding membership standards policy, today the organization affirmed its current policy, stating that it remains in the best interest of Scouting and that there will be no further action taken on the resolution.

This decision follows a nearly two-year-long examination, started in 2010, of the policy commissioned by the Chief Scout Executive and national president. Under their leadership, the BSA convened a special committee of volunteers and professional leaders to evaluate whether the policy continued to be in the best interest of the organization.

The committee included a diversity of perspectives and opinions. The review included forthright and candid conversation and extensive research and evaluations — both from within Scouting and from outside the organization. The committee’s work and conclusion is that this policy reflects the beliefs and perspectives of the BSA’s members, thereby allowing Scouting to remain focused on its mission and the work it is doing to serve more youth.

The vast majority of the parents of youth we serve value their right to address issues of same-sex orientation within their family, with spiritual advisers, and at the appropriate time and in the right setting,” said Bob Mazzuca, Chief Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America. “While a majority of our membership agrees with our policy, we fully understand that no single policy will accommodate the many diverse views among our membership or society.”

Following the recommendation to affirm the BSA’s membership policy, the executive committee of the BSA National Executive Board released the following statement: “Scouting believes that good people can personally disagree on this topic and still work together to achieve the life-changing benefits to youth through Scouting. While not all Board members may personally agree with this policy, and may choose a different direction for their own organizations, BSA leadership agrees this is the best policy for the organization and supports it for the BSA.”

Resolutions asking the BSA both to affirm and reconsider this policy have been raised throughout the years. With any resolution, regardless of subject, the BSA may or may not refer it to a committee for review or may immediately determine no further action is necessary. 

About the Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America provides the nation’s foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training, which helps young people be “Prepared. For Life.™” The Scouting organization is composed of 2.7 million youth members between the ages of 7 and 21 and more than a million volunteers in local councils throughout the United Statesand its territories. For more information on the Boy Scouts of America, please visit www.scouting.org.


FRC in the News: January 31, 2013

by Nicole Hudgens

January 31, 2013

Rob Schwarzwalder Speaks Out on Boy Scout Issue

FRC’s Senior Vice President, Rob Schwarzwalder, was recently interviewed on Fox News  about the possible Boy Scout policy change that would go against the BSA’s “scout honor.” The Boy Scouts of America announced in July that after a 2-year study they would keep the current policy, one they’ve had since the beginning. Yet, they once again are being pressured to reconsider their decision.  

FRC Files Amicus Briefs for the Upcoming Supreme Court Cases on Marriage

As seen in the Herald Online Article, FRC filed amicus briefs to oppose previous court decisions regarding marriage. Hollingsworth v, Perry (California’s Proposition 8) and United States v. Windsor (a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act) will be presented to the Supreme Court in about a month. Tony Perkins stated that:

“The health of our nation’s families determines the strength of our nation. Redefining marriage only undermines the societal purpose of marriage which has always been to build healthy families and provide children with both a mom and a dad. The Supreme Court must strike down the lower court decisions against the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8.”

FRC Event on Human Slavery Teaches Justice

The recent FRC event entitled Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery was highlighted in an article featured in Juicy Ecumenism. The event featured the Honorable Linda Smith, founder and president of Shared Hope International, and Mark Blackwell, who is the founder and president of Justice Ministries. They spoke about the horrific injustice of human trafficking that takes place here in the U.S. and called the church to action. As Blackwell stated, “Jesus is the author of abolition and if he is not included in this fight there is no hope.”

FRC in the News: January 30, 2013

by Nicole Hudgens

January 30, 2013

Anna Higgins Defends Life in North Dakota Senate

Anna Higgins, Director, Center for Human Dignity at FRC, testified before the North Dakota Senate concerning Senate Concurrent Resolution 4009. The resolution will amend the North Dakota Constitution by adding “the inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized must be recognized and defended.” Read some of Anna’s statement, Senate Concurrent Resolution 4009, and more about the hearing  here.

FRC Stands for Boy Scouts Morality

Recently, the Boy Scouts of America have considered ending its ban on allowing homosexuals to serve as leaders. FRC is choosing to stand for the code that the Boy Scouts have held for about a century:

“On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.”

Rob Schwarzwalder, FRC’s Senior Vice President, and Tony Perkins, have strongly supported the morality of the Boy Scouts and released a statement to show their strong concern over the possible changes.

Ken Blackwell Applauds Loyalty to Life

Ken Blackwell’s article, which was featured in World Magazine, commends Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.) for standing up for life in the House of Representatives even though his party typically does not. Rep. Lipinski addressed the attendees of the March for Life via video and encouraged the enormous crowd to stand for human life. Rep. Lipinski believes that life is a bipartisan issue and those who stand for the unborn are thankful for his leadership!

UPS still shipping nonsense about their discrimination against Boy Scouts

by Peter Sprigg

December 20, 2012

Family Research Council recently received an email from someone who was concerned about our recent announcement that we would no longer use the shipping services of UPS, because their charitable arm, The UPS Foundation, had cut off funding to the Boy Scouts of America.

This constituent of FRC had contacted UPS about this issue, and was given what sounded like a denial of the FRC report:

UPS did not pull funding or take action that directly targets the Boy Scouts of America. We sincerely support the Boys Scout of America.

This response is highly misleading and conceals key facts about the situation. Perhaps UPS is beginning to realize that they made a mistake by pandering to the tiny population of homosexual activists, when polls show that a majority of Americans support the Boy Scouts’ policy on homosexuality.

Below is the response which FRC sent to our constituent. We offer it here for the edification of anyone else who might be taken in by UPS’s obfuscation:

Thank you for writing to us regarding the Family Research Council’s recent decision to stop doing business with UPS. We took this step because of a new UPS policy which effectively will block charitable funding to the Boy Scouts of America by the company’s charitable arm, the UPS Foundation.  The reason for this decision was the Scouts’ policy against openly homosexual members or leaders.

The spokesman who told you, “We sincerely support the Boys Scout of America,” was being misleading at best, and deceitful at worst. There is absolutely no question about two facts:

1) The UPS Foundation has given significant charitable gifts to the Boy Scouts of America in the past; and,
2) The UPS Foundation adopted a new policy in November which will have the effect of barring any future charitable gifts to the Boy Scouts, unless the Scouts reverse their policy on homosexuality.

Following is the timeline of these events. I will include links to source materials on the Internet, if you wish to check the facts for yourself.

On July 17, 2012, the Boy Scouts in America announced in a press release that after a two-year review, they had decided to make no changes in their longstanding policy against having openly homosexual Scouts or Scoutmasters.

This announcement led to a new round of criticism of the Scouts from homosexual activists—and new efforts to bring indirect pressure on them by encouraging corporate donors to stop funding the Scouts. One liberal online news outlet, The American Independent (TAI), wrote about the issue on September 18, 2012. UPS was one of the few companies that responded to inquiries, and indicated at that time that the Boy Scouts’ policy would not affect UPS Foundation funding of the Scouts:

Most of the corporations contacted by The American Independent would not directly say whether the Boy Scouts’ affirmation of its discriminatory policy would impact grant funding. The UPS Foundation, however, indicated there would be no change in the in its grant-making. UPS gave around $167,000 to various Boy Scout entities in 2010, including $100,000 to the national organization and $30,000 to the Boy Scouts’ Atlanta Area Council. That council confirmed to TAI that it follows the national policy on sexual orientation.

In a statement to TAI, UPS International Public Relations Manager Kristen Petrella said the Boy Scouts’ decision to affirm their policy excluding “open or avowed homosexuals” will not change the company’s funding choices.

This decision has not and will not impact The UPS Foundation’s decision to provide funding to BSA although we evaluate each funding request on an individual basis,” said Petrella. “UPS has always supported and will continue to support youth development. A large number of UPS employees were involved with the Boy Scouts in their youth and some of them continue to serve as scout leaders today. UPS believes in supporting organizations with which its employees are involved.”

Perhaps because of this statement, UPS became a particular focus of pro-homosexual pressure. A petition drive was mounted on the website Change.org, which promotes a variety of liberal causes, asking, “UPS: Pull your donations until the Boy Scouts pull their anti-gay policy.”

Over 80,000 people signed the online petition, and apparently it was effective. In November, the UPS Foundation posted a new non-discrimination policy on their website:

The UPS Foundation seeks to support organizations that are in alignment with our focus areas, guidelines, and non-discrimination policy. UPS and The UPS Foundation do not discriminate against any person or organization with regard to categories protected by applicable law, as well as other categories protected by UPS and The UPS Foundation in our own policies. These include, but are not limited to race, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran or military status, pregnancy, age and religion.

Since the Boy Scouts of America does not permit homosexuals to be Scouts or leaders, it is considered by some to “discriminate” on the basis of “sexual orientation.” And since “[t]he UPS Foundation seeks to support organizations that are in alignment with our … non-discrimination policy,” this means that the Boy Scouts will be barred from consideration for future charitable grants unless and until they welcome homosexual Scouts and Scoutmasters. The new policy thus effectively reversed the position a company spokesman had articulated only two months before.

The Change.org petition site celebrated this new policy as a “Victory!” The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) likewise touted the new UPS policy, issuing a press release which said,

UPS confirmed to GLAAD that under these guidelines, which UPS said have been in development for several months, organizations that are unable to attest to having a policy or practices that align with the Foundation’s non-discrimination policy will no longer be considered eligible for funding.

This change was also widely reported in the media, beginning on November 12, by outlets such as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (UPS no longer funding Boy Scouts”), the Atlanta Business Chronicle (UPS cuts future funding to Boy Scouts over org’s gay policies”) and the Associated Press (UPS ends grants to Boy Scouts over discrimination”).

You indicated that you received the following statement from a UPS spokesman:

UPS did not pull funding or take action that directly targets the Boy Scouts of America. We sincerely support the Boys Scout of America.

This statement is carefully worded to obscure the truth, rather than reveal it. UPS argues that it did not “pull” funding, because any grants already committed are not affected (their new policy applies only to future grants), and there were reportedly no new funding requests from the Boy Scouts pending with the UPS Foundation at the time the new non-discrimination policy was announced. They also argue that the new policy does not “directly target” the Boy Scouts, because the Scouts are not mentioned by name, and the policy will apply to all future grant recipients, not just to the Boy Scouts. Nevertheless, as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported,

While UPS stopped short of saying the move was aimed at the Boy Scouts, the youth organization is the only one UPS had given to in the past that would be affected, company spokeswoman Kristen Petrella said.

Thus, when you strip away UPS’s game-playing with words like “pull” and “directly,” the facts remain as I stated them at the outset:

  1. The UPS Foundation has given significant charitable gifts to the Boy Scouts of America in the past; and, 
  2. The UPS Foundation adopted a new policy in November which will have the effect of barring any future charitable gifts to the Boy Scouts, unless they reverse their policy on homosexuality.

I don’t know how UPS can claim that they continue to “sincerely support the Boys Scout of America,” when they have made clear explicitly that they will not support them financially any longer, and implicitly have labeled them as discriminatory bigots.

Although FRC criticized UPS immediately when this news broke in mid-November, we held off on a final decision to stop doing business with them. First, FRC President Tony Perkins wrote a letter to the Chairman and CEO of UPS, D. Scott Davis, and this was followed by a personal phone call between Tony Perkins and a UPS representative. Only after it was made clear to Mr. Perkins that UPS would not budge on their new policy discriminating against the Scouts did we announce publicly our decision to seek other vendors for our shipping needs.

I hope this clarifies the facts about these events, and the positions of both UPS and FRC on this issue. I would note that FRC did not demand that UPS stop its extensive funding of “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender” (“LGBT”) causes—only that they not actively discriminate against groups like the Boy Scouts which conscientiously hold a different viewpoint.

Unfortunately, as is too often the case in contemporary culture, UPS’s commitment to “diversity” apparently does not include respect for a diversity of viewpoints on issues of human sexuality.

Thank you for your support of our work, and for your interest in getting the facts straight about the events involving UPS and the Boy Scouts.

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