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China’s Population Decline

by Chris Gacek

January 29, 2013

Last week, FRC had the privilege of hosting Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers who talked about China’s forced sterilization and forced abortion policy.  She also discussed the use of abortion to end pregnancies for female babies (“gendercide”) as an expression of preference for boy children.  Follow this link to watch her presentation.

It was timely that the January 18 edition of the Financial Times published an important article entitled “Chinese Labo[r] Pool Begins to Drain.”  Jamil Anderlini (Beijing) and Ed Crooks (New York) relate that China’s working age population declined by 3.45 million in 2012.  They note, “Many analysts fear … that China’s ageing workforce could become a big drag on future growth.”  (The FT article is available without charge, but free registration at www.ft.com is required.  Look up “Jamal Anderlini” once you get access to the site if the link doesn’t take you to it.)

Roughly the same story was carried online by the News Network of India.  In this account,China’s one-child abortion policy was discussed:

Earlier, a government think-tank China Development Research Foundation said in its latest study that Chinese population is heading for negative growth and blamed the one child policy for ultra-low fertility rate resulting in related problems of ageing population, gender imbalances, urbanisation and an expanding shortage of migrant workers.

The China Development Research Foundation has an English language website, but it appears that the paper just referenced is only published in Chinese.

Perhaps, the most thought provoking aspect of Littlejohn’s talk was her linkage of the one-child policy to the police-state terror network that enforces it.  That massive network, she notes, is essential to keeping the Chinese Communist Party in power.  One can conclude that this linkage will make it especially difficult for the Party to reverse its abortion policy.

Clearly, the Chinese have unleashed forces that they can no longer control and which is devouring their civilization.  Demographic decline combined with massive gender imbalance of newborns 

A Fighting Chance for Baby Girls in China?

by Cathy Ruse

November 5, 2012

In 1979 China promulgated its one-child policy, forcing abortion and sterilization upon millions of women and causing the mass extermination before birth of baby Chinese girls.

Now a think tank sponsored by the Chinese government has recommended a phase-out of the policy. According to Christianity Today, a report leaked by the China Development Research Foundation, sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party, recommends that China immediately abandon its one-child policy in favor of a two-child model phased in over three years. A two-child policy would be no less barbaric, of course, but would give a fighting chance for some of those baby girls.

Last year demographer Nicolas Eberstadt published an essay in The New Atlantis entitled, The Global War Against Baby Girls. In it he wrote:

The consequences of medically abetted mass feticide are far-reaching and manifestly adverse….the very fact that many thousands or in some cases, millions of prospective girls and young women have been deliberately eliminated simply because they would have been female establishes a new social reality that inescapably colors the whole realm of human relationships, redefining the role of women as the disfavored sex in nakedly utilitarian terms, and indeed signaling that their very existence is now conditional and contingent.


And Republicans are at war with women because they dont want to force Catholic institutions to buy birth control pills for their employees? Idiocy.

200,000,000 Silent Voices

by Lindsay Smith

October 25, 2012

We live in a culture which clamors for political correctness. Our society demands equal access to everything from golf courses to father-daughter dances. But a society so consumed with a womans right to pills and procedures has failed to protect a females most precious right: birth!

Chances are youve heard mumblings about infant girls killed in other countries and cultures which favor sons. Perhaps you have only heard mumblings because 200 million voices are silent, 200 million pens cannot write, 200 million faces remain unseen; all because 200 million girls are missing in the world today. Based on these massive numbers, this issue, these girls, deserve more than our mumblings or passing comments; they deserves our full voice! A new documentary is amplifying this voice through media and personal testimonies Its a Girl, explains why these are The Three Deadliest Words in the World.

The trailer alone speaks boldly. Early in the clip, one man shares sobering statistics: Today,India andChina eliminate more girls than the number of girls born inAmerica every year. Abandoned, aborted, smothered, strangled killed: as the film reveals, this is the plight for many girls in these countries. Sadly, the future isnt much brighter for those who survive infancy:

One in three girls in the developing world, as young as 7 to 10 years old, face being forced into marriage every day. These child brides are two times as likely to be beaten by their husbands, are often treated as property, and rarely see the opportunity to get an education.

While shocking in their nature, these hardships are not a surprising consequence of a culture which discounts women in the womb. If we want to increase a womans access to education or eradicate domestic violence, we have to first promote her dignity in the womb! As Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor, explains, defending women begins with defending life:

If its acceptable to end the life of a child simply because she is a female, how then do we stop the floodgates of abuse, violence, sex trafficking and the like? How do we draw the line in the sand to protect and respect women at one point in their lives when we fail to protect and respect women at their most vulnerable point: developing in the womb?

This documentary reminds us all that gendercide doesnt just destroy baby girls overseas; it damages the dignity of women everywhere.

While the documentary mainly focuses on issues in Indiaand China, sex-selection fatalities are not isolated to these countries. In fact, they are not even isolated to that country over there. A recent blog exposes the occurrence of sex-selection on our own soil. It might surprise you to know India and China (along with 32 other countries) have laws against sex-selection, but the United States does not! Only four states in our country ban sex-selection abortion, but thanks to Live Action, we know these laws do little to deter some clinics from performing them.

Girls are threatened overseas; girls are threatened in our own communities; girls are threatened for being girls. These three words are being uttered all over the world today: Its a Girl! But the question remains, will she survive as one?

If you would like more information on this documentary or would like to get involved with this cause, click here.

A Gruesome Anniversary

by Rob Schwarzwalder

September 26, 2012

Every January, tens of thousands of Americans come to Washington for the March for Life to commemorate the roughly 55 million unborn children who have been aborted since the Supreme Court’s infamous Roe V. Wade decision. This coming year, the 40th anniversary of Roe, the March for Life will be led by FRC’s own Jeanne Monahan, who directs our Center for Human Dignity. Last month, Jeanne was named interim president of the March in the wake of the passing of the March’s founder, Nellie Gray. We are proud of Jeanne’s deep commitment to the sanctity of life, which led the Board of the March to appoint her to this key role.

But there is another anniversary we must not forget: Today is the 32nd anniversary of the beginning of Communist China’s notorious “one-child” policy. In a moving open letter to Chinese President Hu Jintao, FRC’s friend Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, writes, “The coercive enforcement of Chinas cruel and barbaric One Child Policy causes more violence towards women and girls than any other official policy on earth. It is Chinas war against women and girls.” You can read the complete text of Reggie’s letter here.

The good news is that there is some movement within the Chinese government for change. According to one of the government’s official newspapers, The People’s Daily: “The National Population and Family Planning Commission is sending 10 teams to 19 provinces, cities and counties to curb misconduct in family planning law enforcement. Wang Xia, head of the national commission, said: ‘No law enforcement raids will be allowed and there should be a system in place to prevent violent enforcement’.”

Nice words; now the proof will be not only in ending the violent practice of forced abortions but also ending the incentives which encourage only one child per couple, including those provided to communities that comply. Such incentives create profound social pressure on couples to abort any child beyond their first.

Tragically, but predictably, China’s war against the unborn is driving that nation toward economic collapse. Even the New York Times, hardly a conservative newspaper, reports: “Besides the concerns of lawyers and human rights advocates, economists and business executives have expressed anxiety about the impact of a slowing population growth rate on the economy. Liang Jianzhang, a well-known executive with a doctoral degree in economics from Stanford University, and Li Jianxin, a demographer at Peking University, have estimated that by 2040, the number of Chinese older than 60 would be 411 million, up from 171 million today. The working population people between the ages of 20 and 60 would drop to 696 million from 817 million today.”

In total, the Chinese government itself estimates that due to the one-child policy, there are 400 million fewer Chinese today than there otherwise would be. This includes not only the tens of millions who have been aborted - most of them girls - but also the children these ended lives would themselves have born as they grew into adulthood and marriage.

State-demanded and incentivized abortion is no less morally repugnant that coerced abortion. To try to distinguish between them is to seek distinctions without any substantive difference. America’s most pro-abortion Administration ever (documented by FRC) can have no real voice in calling upon China to ends its disastrous and evil state abortion policy when that same Administration works actively to undermine the sanctity of life here at home, even to the point of requiring faith-based institutions to provide health insurance plans that include abortion coverage. It is up to Christians in our country and around the world to continue to call on the Chinese government to end, completely, it’s brutal “family planning” (i.e., pro-abortion) activities.

The Chen Saga Continues - and Needs Prayer

by Rob Schwarzwalder

May 2, 2012

According to Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers (WRWF), the woman who helped Chinese human rights dissident Chen Guangcheng escape from his house arrest, has been “detained” by the Chinese authorities.

According to (He) Peirong, Chen spent months on his back, pretending to be near death, so that his guards would relax their vigilance. Then on April 22, with exquisite timing, he scaled a wall and ran for his life, taking several wrong turns and falling into a river because of his blindness. Peirong drove 20 hours to meet Chen and fooled the village guards into letting her in. She disguised herself as a courier. Then she drove Chen another eight hours still wet from his fall in the river to safety in Beijing. Their plan was so masterfully executed that the authorities did not realize Chen was gone for four days.”

WRWF is a ministry devoted to ending forced abortion and sexual slavery in China. The horror of the Chinese government’s commitment to abortion through the ninth month of pregnancy in order to enforce it’s “one child” policy has resulted in enormous suffering for women, not to mention the deaths of their unborn children.

As millions of Americans take time this week to participate in our National Day of Prayer, let us pray for the protection of He Peirong, Chen Guangcheng, and their families, and for guidance for such U.S. officials as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke (who accompanied Chen to the hospital where he is now being treated), as this situation continues to unfold.

This Ones for the Girls: A different take on International Womens Day

by Krystle Gabele

March 8, 2012

Today is International Womens Day, a time of celebrating womens achievements. As a woman, I am particularly celebrating the strength of the female role models in my life, as well as those who have shaped my overall philosophical views.

I am celebrating the strength of someone who influenced me to shoot for the stars. My great-grandmother, who was a pillar of strength and faith during her time on Earth, always told me, You can do anything with hard work and trust in God. She was born in 1903 and lived until the age of 97. Growing up, I would always hear stories of how she taught in a one room schoolhouse in Floyd County, Va. and being mesmerized about how awesome it would have been to be transported back in time. I am certain she was a dynamic teacher, and her love of history has been passed down for me to share with future generations of our family.

While having role models to inspire you is something to celebrate, the sad truth is that there are far fewer of these role models today than there would have been had it not been for the devastating practice of abortion. As we commemorate International Womens Day, we have to question why those who celebrate womens rights would advocate for such a practice. Feminists, represented by groups such as National Organization for Women, often argue for a womans right to choose, so you would think the feminists would want to promote life to allow more women the chance to experience the opportunities of leadership.

Unfortunately, abortion continues, and internationally, sex-selective abortions are being performed every day. According to research reported by Nicholas Eberstadt in The New Atlantis, sex-selective abortions are contributing to a loss of baby girls, not just inChina, but in other countries around the world. This trend is skewing the population balance to have an inordinately larger number of males than females.

Estimates by the United Nations Population Division (UNPD) and the U.S. Census Bureaus International Programs Center (IPC) the two major organizations charged with tracking and projecting global population trends make the point. According to estimates based on IPC data, a total of 21 countries or territories (including a number of European and Pacific Island areas) had SRBs of 107 or higher in the year 2010; the total population of the regions beset by unnaturally high SRBs amounted to 2.7 billion, or about 40 percent of the worlds total population. For its part, UNPD estimates that 24 countries and territories (a slightly different roster from IPCs, including some additional European, South American, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Pacific settings) had SRBs of 107 or higher for the 2005-2010 period, for a total population similar to the IPC figure.

The article goes one step further to illustrate the negative social impact of sex-selective abortions. In countries likeChina, this practice will only contribute to a higher rate of unmarried men, and in addition to women being scarce, it will lead towards increasing prostitution rates and a rise in human trafficking.

Women should be outraged, and should step up to speak about this injustice. We are witnessing the possibility of increased crimes against women through this horrid practice, not to mention the loss of life. Who will pave the way for women in the future if this practice continues?


Chinese Gendercide: An Unqualified Wrong

by Rob Schwarzwalder

September 1, 2011

The Associated Press reportsthat Chinas one-child policy (is) a surprising boon for that nations girls.

The remarkable story notes that Since 1979, China’s family planning rules have barred nearly all urban families from having a second child in a bid to stem population growth. With no male heir competing for resources, parents have spent more on their daughters’ education and well-being.

Only later in the piece do we learn the following:

With the arrival of sonogram technology in the 1980’s, some families no longer merely hoped for a boy, they were able to engineer a male heir by terminating pregnancies when the fetus was a girl.

It is gendercide,” said Therese Hesketh, a University College London professor who has studied China‘s skewed sex ratio. “I don’t understand why China doesn’t just really penalize people who’ve had sex-selective abortions and the people who do them. The law exists but nobody enforces it.”

To combat the problem, China allows families in rural areas, where son preference is strongest, to have a second child if their first is a girl. The government has also launched education campaigns promoting girls and gives cash subsidies to rural families with daughters.

Still, 43 million girls have “disappeared” in China due to gender-selective abortion as well as neglect and inadequate access to health care and nutrition, the United Nations estimated in a report last year.

Yin Yin Nwe, UNICEF’s representative to China, puts it bluntly: The one-child policy brings many benefits for girls “but they have to be born first.”

As Science Magazine writer Mara Hvistendahls Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls and the Consequences of a World Full of Men documents, the U.N. Population Fund has provided funding such that, in total, 160 million Asian women have been aborted in recent decades.

My colleague Tom McClusky, Sr. Vice-President at FRC Action, has noted that the Obama Administration not only reinstated funding for UNFPA, the UN agency that subsidizes and gives cover to Chinas repugnant policy but also increased said funding to $50 million a year.

The result, in China, has been very simple if profoundly dangerous: As CBS News reports, China simply has too many men. As noted on 60 Minutes, The one-child policy is 25 years old, so the first generation is just now reaching marriage age, and for China that’s a big problem because it is estimated that as many as 40 million of its young men could spend their lives as bachelors.

The aborted girls are persons, endowed by God with the right to life. Killing them, either due to a desire for a male child or because the coercive policy of the Communist state demands it, is immoral, an offense against our Creator and our fellow human beings. To suggest that the lives of the girls who have survived this slaughter have been improved is to lend an artifice of moral justification to gross evil.

Can we be glad some Chinese women now have college degrees? Sure. But not at the expense of millions of lives.

Free Gao Zhisheng

by Robert Morrison

February 10, 2010

When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to China last year, she chose to remain silent about human rights abuses by the worlds remaining Communist giant. Apparently more worried about not curtailing Chinas financial services to the US, Mrs. Clinton and her boss in the White House sent a clear signal: The Obama Administration would give China a bye on religious and political persecution.

The hint was not lost on the Chinese leaders, who on February 8, 2009 arrested Gao Zhisheng. He has been imprisoned, and unheard from, ever since.

Gao Zhisheng was once a darling of the Chinese Communists. A distinguished lawyer, he had a bright future ahead of him. He was named in 2001 as one of Chinas sharpest legal talents. But Gao made a bad career move: He spoke out in defense of persecuted Christians in China.

That was enough to arouse Beijings party cadres against him. What made matters worse for Gao was the attention his extraordinary moral courage garnered for him in the West. The New York Times even gave his story front-page coverage in 2005.

Last year, he was seized by authorities and is undergoing horrible torture, if he is even still alive. The New Yorker Magazine, to its great credit, has published stories by their Beijing correspondent, Evan Osnos, on Gao Zhisheng. Osnos related the stories coming out on Gaos treament by the brutal guo bao, Chinas euphemistically titled Public Security Bureau. George Orwells ministry of truth couldnt have said it better. Here is part of what Osnos has written:

(One) account not only accused his captors of holding burning cigarettes to his eyes, beating and starving him, and applying electric shocks to his genitals, but it also revealed their warning that he would die if he told anyone about the ordeal. …It is time for the court of world opinion to insist: Show us the prisoner and justify his detention.

Gaos case demonstrates once again a chilling truth: There is more persecution of Christians today than there has been in any century since the early martyrs. Dr. Paul Marshall, author of Their Blood Cries Out, has pointed to the two great sources of Christian persecution—Islamists and the remaining Communist regimes of North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, and China.

The Obama Administrations silence resounds from the mid-Atlantics snowy streets to the fetid prisons of Beijing. But there was a time when we had a President whose quiet, persistent and iron-strong advocacy for the persecuted spoke to Americas highest self and deepest convictions.

Barack Obama, heralded by some on the Left as our Reagan when it comes to his communication skills, speaks often with confidence and personal appeal. So did Ronald Reagan. But President Reagan didnt just have skill with a teleprompter. He spoke from a heart of profound belief in great ideas, one of which was religious liberty.

President Reagan spoke out publicly for the persecuted Christians in the USSR. He made a point—unlike Sec. Clinton—of always raising the issue of religious persecution with the Soviets. During his Presidency, the Siberian Seven—Pentecostal Christians who had sought refuge in the Spaso House, the American Embassy in Moscow—were finally freed to leave the Soviet Union. Jewish dissident Natan Scharansky famously described how he and his fellow refuseniks heard about the Evil Empire speech of Ronald Reagan. It was through coded messages tapped out on the plumbing pipes of their prison cells. Refuseniks were Russian Jews who wanted to emigrate to Israel, but whose right to depart was refused by Soviet dictators.

Reagan said that religion was the Achilles heel of the Soviet system. Surely it was.

Simply by giving their first allegiance to God, and not to the state, believers deny the premises of Communist atheism.

These are issues around the world. In Beijing, Gao Zhisheng undergoes torture for his beliefs. Here in the U.S.. the harassment usually takes the form of threats of violence, lawsuits, and job discrimination. Recently defeated Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley, for example, advised Massachusetts Catholics to stay out of Emergency Rooms, to find other employment since their conscientious objections to abortion-related services prevent them from participating in certain kinds of anti-life medical procedures. Rejected by the voters, Mrs. Coakley is still the Commonwealths Attorney General. Can believers be confident their rights will be respected by Bay state officials?

In the breach of an Administration willing to stand for those suffering, there are things we can all do: Go to www.freeGao.com on the Internet. Sign the petition and contact your elected Representatives. Write the Chinese Embassy and demand an accounting of Gao and insist that he be released. If this Administration will not speak out, we can. And we can pray.

I remember Irina Ratushinskaya. She was imprisoned 28 years ago by the Soviet secret police, the KGB. Her faith sustained her through four long years in the Gulag. We prayed for Irina. She was released on the eve of the Reykjavik Summit in 1986. She said she felt the prayers of believers, helping her to survive her ordeal.

Ronald Reagan wasnt worried about offending the Soviet rulers. He spoke out time and again on behalf of those being persecuted for their faith.

History remembers him kindly. What will it say of Maos admirers and their hirers? God knows what Reagan did. Will we follow in his bold, uncompromising steps?

The Shame of the City

by Robert Morrison

October 2, 2009

Wednesday night, the Empire State Building in Manhattan shone red and yellow as a tribute to the sixtieth anniversary of the Communist takeover of China.

When lit, the Empire State is a lovely sight. Yet last nights display cast a rather ugly glow. Why? Because given the nation it is honoring, we must ask the sponsors of this celebration which highlights of Chinas history during those sixty years they especially want to honor.

Might it be the murder of Christian missionaries in the late 40s and 50s? How about the killing of millions of Chinese during Chairman Maos Great Leap Forward campaign of the mid-fifties? During those years, Communist authorities pressed rural Chinese to modernize, demanding such insanities as backyard steel mills.

China enveloped Tibet in the late 50s. That ancient Buddhist land is still being suppressed and its unique culture eradicated fifty years later. The Dalai Lama and many other Tibetans still live in exile.

In the mid-60s, Chairman Mao initiated the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution which left more millions dead. Fanatical Red Guards beat and brutalized anyone who had exposure to Western Cultureand even trashed Chinas revered cultural heritage.

China scholar Simon Leys wrote in Chinese Shadows about the Little Red Book of Maos banal thoughts. Millions of Red Guards memorized, chanted, and used that book to beat their elders over the head. Leysthe nom de plume of a respected expert in Chinese antiquitiesdescribed the Cultural Revolution as an exercise in which people had their skulls opened, their brains scooped out, and their brain pans filled with Maoist concrete. He didnt mean it literally; at least, I hope he didnt.

When, in utter exhaustion and desperation, the rulers of China opened up to the West in the 1970s, Communist Party leader Teng Hsiao-p’ing charmed liberals here with his supposed reforms and rationality. But Teng also instituted one of the most brutal of population control programs in history.

Stanford University scholar Steven Mosher courageously exposed to the world the massive forced abortions that resulted from Chinas One Child policy. An estimated 50 million forced abortions have occurred in China, almost all of them attributable to the Communist Partys inflexible rule.

President Obama, in one of his first acts, revoked Ronald Reagans policy of preventing U.S. foreign aid from being used to fund abortion. Mr. Obama is once again giving our tax money to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which has been complicit in Chinas One Child policy since its inception.

And lets not forget Tienanmen Square. In 1989, thousands of student demonstrators were brutalized by soldiers ostensibly given drugs and alcohol to inspire them to murder. Tanks and armored vehicles rolled over young men and women. Others were gunned down by order of the Communist rulers in Beijing.

Wang Wei-Lin was the lone demonstrator who stood up to a column of tanks from the Peoples Liberation Army. His unforgettable image was seen around the world. What the world did not see, but what Chinese democracy advocates told me ten years ago, was that Wang Wei-Lin was escorted into a nearby hotel and there strangled to death by the regimes security forces. Also summarily executed, I was informed, was the tank driver. He was killed, they say, for not running right over Wang Wei-Lin.

Last year, Chinas Communist rulers put on a brave face and invited the world to come to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. Their factories had to be closed down, however, and motorists banned for weeks before the Olympic crowds arrived. That was to allow the deadly smog to clear so that the runners could be seen by the spectators and so that the archers could see their targets.

Its one thing for Communists to do vicious and shameful things. Its entirely something else for free peopleat least people who think themselves free and who, presumably, would like for their children to remain freeto honor such an odious regime. Sixty years of inhuman tyranny is nothing to celebrate.

Ive always been proud to be a New Yorker. I have an ornament of the Empire State Building on my Christmas tree every year. Not this year. Im too red-facedwith shame, shame for my city.

Runaway Bride (without Richard Gere and Julia Roberts)

by Michael Fragoso

June 5, 2009

The Wall Street Journal is running an interesting piece on the problems facing China’s surplus of young bachelors. The background is that 30 years of the “one child policy” coupled with Chinese “son preference” has yielded “a surplus of 32 million males under the age of 20” by the most recent count. These men are now reaching a marriageable age and, lo and behold, there simply aren’t enough women to go around as brides.

The result is that “bride prices” are increasing dramatically. To compensate, the article notes, “A study by Columbia University economist Shang-Jin Wei found that some areas in China with a high proportion of males have an above-average savings rate, even after accounting for factors such as education levels, income and life-expectancy rates. Areas with more men than women, the study notes, also have low spending rates — suggesting that many rural Chinese may be saving up for bride prices.” Unsurprisingly, these increasingly lucrative bride prices are causing increasingly common bride graft by means of “runaway brides” pocketing the money and leaving their new husbands.

This is just the beginning of the myriad problems China will face in the coming generation due to its one-child policy and the resulting sex imbalance. For more, see my article on the subject some years ago.