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Will Haiti Be Planned Parenthood’s Latest Cash Cow?

by Tony Perkins

January 20, 2010

As rescue workers continue in their efforts to rescue and care for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake —- Planned Parenthood is raising money to create more victims.

While Americans have literally given tens of millions of dollars to rescue and aid children and their families in Haiti, the International Planned Parenthood Federation launched a fund-raising appeal within a day of the earthquake seeking funds for their family planning clinics in Haiti.

They certainly know their business and know opportunity when they see it. In the wake of a disaster such as this and hurricanes like Katrina, pregnant mothers who have lost homes, incomes and even family members are in crisis. Planned Parenthoods solution —- charitable giving in the form of reproductive healthcare or in plain English, abortions. This is nothing new, after 9/11 they offered women in New York free abortions. Following hurricane Katrina, Planned Parenthood offered free morning after pills.

Hopefully, the Haitian people will encounter the charitable hand of Americans through the ministries and organizations that will save lives not take them. I am encouraging people to give to Christian ministries like those listed here and Christian adoption organizations like Bethany Christian Services who will offer real help to the people of Haiti.

Amidst the Rubble, Planned Parenthood Looks Out for Itself

by Family Research Council

January 20, 2010

During this moment in history when human beings, trapped under concrete slabs are calling out to be rescued; a day in which people who have miraculously survived the Haiti earthquake do not have enough water to continue living; during a time when the UN and US are sending thousands of security personnel for fear of riots and a deteriorating security situation, International Planned Parenthood, the worlds largest abortion provider, is opportunistically responding to this humanitarian crisis by collecting donations for Sexual & Reproductive Health Services for the people of Haiti.

Note the following immediate health needs in Haiti, according to the World Health Organization (WHO): search and rescue of survivors trapped underneath rubble; treatment of people with major trauma injuries; preventing the infection of wounds; provision of clean water and sanitation. Somehow abortion services did not make the list. Planned Parenthood will objectify and manipulate any person or situation to advance their agenda.

As Haiti begins to recover and grieve one of the most deadly catastrophes ever (possibly 200,000 lives lost), and as the United States approaches the anniversary of Roe v. Wade on January 22 —- a moment when 50,000,000 aborted children will be remembered —- let us be clear that abortion is not health care. Not here in the United States, and not overseas.

[Editor’s Note: Here are some organizations which are offering real help to Haiti]

Help Haiti

by Jared Bridges

January 13, 2010

By now, you’re all aware of at least some of the devastation resulting from the earthquake in the already-impoverished nation of Haiti. Here are a but a few Christian organizations which are poised to help, with direct links to their Haiti-specific pages:

These are but a few of the organizations mobilizing support. If you know of other ways to help, leave a comment below.

[UPDATED 1/19/2010]