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Heartbeat, International Response to 12th and Delaware

by Family Research Council

August 13, 2010

Earlier this week I blogged on the new, controversial documentary, 12th and Delaware, on an abortion clinic and pregnancy resource center (PRC) located in Ft. Louis, Florida. I have now learned of some excellent resources created by Heartbeat, International, including a viewing guide, and document addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs). Be sure to visit the following link to learn more about the documentary.

Babies Go to Congress

by Sherry Crater

January 20, 2010

Heartbeat International, an association of more than 1100 pregnancy help centers, is providing an opportunity for women served by these centers to bring their babies to Capitol Hill. These moms, accompanied by their babies, will meet with Members of Congress on January 21, 2010 to express their gratitude for the life-saving work of pregnancy help centers.

Our elected representatives need to know that pregnancy resource centers exist in most of their districts. These help centers are serving communities by uniting thousands of compassionate individuals with a passion for life, who also fund the community-based centers and serve as volunteers, to provide the emotional and practical help women facing unexpected pregnancies need. This network, including doctors, lawyers, nurses, social workers, educators and other professionals, provides the vital information women need to make an informed decision, the facts that abortion providers often leave out. As Peggy Hartshorn, President of Heartbeat International, stated, Alternatives to abortion must be available so no woman ever feels forced to abort her baby.

Moms and babies saved by pregnancy help centers want to send the clear message that pregnancy resource centers (PRC) are good for America. You can find out more about the untold story and impact of the PRC movement, and the tremendous good being done in our midst, at www.apassiontoserve.org. A combined services report, A Passion to Serve, A Vision for Life, records the development and vital work of the three major pregnancy resource network groupsHeartbeat, CareNet and the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA). If you are interested in locating a pregnancy resource center, you can access http://www.optionline.org.