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The Lies and Hypocrisy of NARAL

by Arina Grossu

May 9, 2014

NARAL recently made headlines with claims that Google removed ads from pregnancy centers that were “deceptive.” As it turns out, the claims were just hype. Jill Stanek confirmed a few days ago: “All major national pregnancy care center organizations have confirmed to myself or fellow pro-life journalists that not one of their PRC ads has been pulled from Google. These groups cover the gamut and include CareNet, CompassCare, Heartbeat International, Heroic Media, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, Online for Life, and Vitae Foundation.”

NARAL also has some explaining to do. If anyone is being deceptive it’s the abortion industry. Why is it that when I did a Google search for “crisis pregnancy center,” one Planned Parenthood and another abortion facility came up? Those are definitely not crisis pregnancy centers. Note that Planned Parenthood has “Crisis Pregnancy Center” as its descriptive. Isn’t that a little hypocritical and ironic, NARAL? The deception that you try to blame on pregnancy centers points right back to you and your cronies.

Ask Them What They Mean By “Choice”: Does Planned Parenthood or NARAL Think Choice Eliminates Adoptions?

by Krystle Gabele

January 22, 2013

Recently, I wrote an article in response to a story in USA Today about prospective parents having a difficult time adopting children in the U.S.  While the article shed light that fewer children were available for adoption, it also brought a sad equation to the picture regarding the number of abortions performed each year by Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

On this “Ask Them What They Mean by Choice Day,” I thought it would be great to ask both Planned Parenthood and NARAL a question:  If you are in favor of “choice,” then why do you advocate for abortions?  You see, choice provides options.  While abortion is a grave option that kills an innocent life, there is another option for a woman who may not want to raise a child — one that would not harm innocent life.  This option would be to allow a woman to make a choice for life and allow the child to be raised by a loving adoptive family.

In 2011 alone, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) performed 333,964 abortions.   This number has climbed over the past year.  According to their recent report, 92 percent of pregnancy services (which includes adoption referrals, prenatal care, and abortion) were abortions, while adoption referrals accounted for only 0.6 percent. So, a woman is 145 times more likely to receive an abortion than an adoption referral (333,964 abortions were performed in 2011, but only 2,300 adoption referrals). PPFA continues to be one of the largest abortion providers in theUnited States, and for a group that positions itself as “pro-choice,” they seldom advocate for the choice of adoption.

Thankfully, there are alternatives to Planned Parenthood.  Many Pregnancy Resource Centers advocate for adoption or provide resources to those may want to raise their child.  Their work often goes unnoticed by the mainstream media.  FRC highlighted the works of Pregnancy Resource Centers in the report “A Passion to Serve.”  Within this report, there are stories of women who wanted to seek an abortion, only to change their mind upon receiving the support and resources available to either place their children up for adoption or to raise them.

Imagine if one of the 333,964 mothers would have brought her child into the world to be adopted by a loving family.  It would have been worth it to see a child thrive and experience life.  This is the choice that Planned Parenthood and NARAL neglects to advocate.

Secretary Sebelius to NARAL: Contraceptive Mandate a Victory

by Family Research Council

October 6, 2011

According to the Associated Press, Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius spoke at a National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) Pro-Choice America luncheon in Chicago yesterday. During her remarks, she received much applause when she said that “Republicans want to roll back women’s health gains 50 years.”

Interestingly, the AP reports that the Secretary received an even louder round of applause from the gathered abortion proponents when she discussed the recent interim final rule on women’s preventive service, the “contraceptive mandate.” The mandate is the first roll-out of the health care law passed in March, 2010, and forces employers to cover all FDA-approved contraceptives in health plans with no co-pay. However, some drugs and devices that are labeled as contraceptives can cause an abortion to a developing baby. For more information see FRC’s comments here and q and a here.

In her words, “women have suffered discrimination by insurance companies that have considered… birth control a lifestyle choice.” She did not, however, comment on the tens of thousands of negative comments filed last week asking for the government to rescind this unprecedented violation of religious freedom from government coercion.

President Obama was also bragging and joking about the contraceptive mandate this week during a Democratic fundraiser in St. Louis. He, too, was silent on the influx of negative comments related to this mandate. It is sad to see an Administration so proudly hailing a mandate that will violate the consciences of millions of Americans, as well as rob countless developing babies of their inherent right to life.