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New Planned Parenthood Stats for 2008: Abortions Increase, Adoption Referrals Decrease

by Family Research Council

September 10, 2010

Planned Parenthood still has not released their 2008 annual report, a report typically made public every April. The annual report includes such information as income sources, i.e., the amount of federal and state grant dollars received; private donations, etc.

However, they have released a new fact sheet [PDF] which includes the number of abortions, adoption referrals, etc.

The short story is that abortions are on the rise and adoption referrals are on the decline. The number of abortions in 2008 were 324,008. This is an increase from 2007 when 305,310 abortions were performed. The number of adoption referrals was 2,405 in 2008, a decline from the 4,912 adoption referrals reported for 2007.

For more information on Planned Parenthood, see the following FRC brochure: Planned Parenthood: What Every Parent, Teacher, Woman, Community Leader and Elected Official Needs to Know

Video: Capitol Hill News Conference on Federal Funding for Abortion Advocates

by Carrie Russell

June 17, 2010

At a June 16 Capitol Hill news conference, Family Research Council joined members of Congress and other pro-life leaders to discuss the Government Accountability Offices report on federal funding for abortion advocates. The report was requested by Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) and other key members of Congress. The report revealed that six organizations connected to the abortion agenda received over a billion dollars in federal funds between 2002 and 2009. The organizations included Planned Parenthood Federation of America, International Planned Parenthood Federation and Guttmacher Institute.

Telemed Abortions in Iowa

by Family Research Council

May 19, 2010

A few months ago, I blogged about a Planned Parenthood affiliate in Iowa administering the dangerous RU-486 abortifacient regime via skype. A local news station in Iowa is now providing more information about this story:

The new telemedicine technique allows a doctor to talk to and dispense the pills to a patient in a remote office location using a camera and microphone connected to the Internet, which allows for two-way communication. Officials said the patient is counseled by on-site staff before connecting to talk to the doctor who is at a different location. After talking to the patient, the doctor can then tap a button on the computer to activate a special drawer at the patient’s location that will open and allow the patient to receive the pills. The patient then takes the first pills while the doctor watches.

To be clear, RU-486 isnt considered the safest of drugs.

Due to potential adverse reactions (in particular, excessive bleeding to the extent of needing a blood transfusion or incomplete abortions requiring further surgery), RU-486 can only be administered by a physician who can do blood transfusions or surgical abortions should they be required.

By the spring of 2006 six years after RU-486 was made available in the United States, the FDA acknowledged six deaths, nine life-threatening incidents, 232 hospitalizations, 116 blood transfusions, and 88 cases of infections, with a total of 1070 adverse events reports.*

Once again I wonder how Planned Parenthood, an organization that advocates for womens health, could possibly advocate administering this drug regime with less medical attention and supervision.

*Letter from David W. Boyer, Assistant Commissioner for Legislation, Food and Drug Administration, to the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources (May 2, 2006) (on file with Subcommittee).

Planned Parenthood Sees Increase in Profits During the Obama Administration

by Family Research Council

May 3, 2010

In the first public records marking any fiscal change since the Obama Administration began, Planned Parenthoods most recent 990 tax forms show a significant increase in revenue during fiscal year 2009, half of which time Obama was in office. In fiscal year 2008, the nonprofit claimed revenue of $85,758,316. In fiscal year 2009, that amount increased to $106,357,796, marking an increase of over twenty million dollars. This was during the same time frame that unemployment rose as high as 9.5%.

New Planned Parenthood Strategy: Skyping Abortions

by Family Research Council

April 6, 2010

A number of months ago I saw the movie Up In the Air with George Clooney. While the movie successfully relayed deep truths about the inherent relational nature of human beings, in my opinion it did so in a rather dark and somewhat disturbing way. The major character, Ryan Bingham, played by Clooney, had a chosen profession as a corporate hired gun, i.e., he was hired to fire people. At one point in the movie, a young college graduate convinced the company CEO that firing could be much cheaper and efficient via computer, rather than the status quo in-person firing meetings. You might guess that the outcome was disastrous, deadly, in fact, with one person jumping from a bridge after being informed by the new college grad she no longer had a job.

Not an organization to shy away from dark deeds or cost savings, Planned Parenthood is taking the deadly fiction from Up In the Air up a notch in real life. The nations largest abortion provider is now administering the dangerous medical abortion regime, RU-486, via Skype, instead of in-person consultations with doctors. Follow this link to hear a Planned Parenthood employee describe how the telemed process works.

Regarding the safety of RU-486, did you know that by the spring of 2006, six years after the abortifacient was made available in the United States, the FDA acknowledged six deaths, nine life-threatening incidents, 232 hospitalizations, 116 blood transfusions, and 88 cases of infections, with a total of 1070 adverse events reports? [Letter from David W. Boyer, Assistant Commissioner for Legislation, Food and Drug Administration, to Hon. Mark Souder, Chairman, Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources (May 2, 2006) (on file with Subcommittee).]

If Planned Parenthood really cared about the health of their patients, they wouldnt possibly consider administering a regime as dangerous as RU-486 with less medical attention and supervision. It makes one wonder if Planned Parenthood is more concerned the health of their patients or about monetary gain.

Will Haiti Be Planned Parenthood’s Latest Cash Cow?

by Tony Perkins

January 20, 2010

As rescue workers continue in their efforts to rescue and care for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake —- Planned Parenthood is raising money to create more victims.

While Americans have literally given tens of millions of dollars to rescue and aid children and their families in Haiti, the International Planned Parenthood Federation launched a fund-raising appeal within a day of the earthquake seeking funds for their family planning clinics in Haiti.

They certainly know their business and know opportunity when they see it. In the wake of a disaster such as this and hurricanes like Katrina, pregnant mothers who have lost homes, incomes and even family members are in crisis. Planned Parenthoods solution —- charitable giving in the form of reproductive healthcare or in plain English, abortions. This is nothing new, after 9/11 they offered women in New York free abortions. Following hurricane Katrina, Planned Parenthood offered free morning after pills.

Hopefully, the Haitian people will encounter the charitable hand of Americans through the ministries and organizations that will save lives not take them. I am encouraging people to give to Christian ministries like those listed here and Christian adoption organizations like Bethany Christian Services who will offer real help to the people of Haiti.

Amidst the Rubble, Planned Parenthood Looks Out for Itself

by Family Research Council

January 20, 2010

During this moment in history when human beings, trapped under concrete slabs are calling out to be rescued; a day in which people who have miraculously survived the Haiti earthquake do not have enough water to continue living; during a time when the UN and US are sending thousands of security personnel for fear of riots and a deteriorating security situation, International Planned Parenthood, the worlds largest abortion provider, is opportunistically responding to this humanitarian crisis by collecting donations for Sexual & Reproductive Health Services for the people of Haiti.

Note the following immediate health needs in Haiti, according to the World Health Organization (WHO): search and rescue of survivors trapped underneath rubble; treatment of people with major trauma injuries; preventing the infection of wounds; provision of clean water and sanitation. Somehow abortion services did not make the list. Planned Parenthood will objectify and manipulate any person or situation to advance their agenda.

As Haiti begins to recover and grieve one of the most deadly catastrophes ever (possibly 200,000 lives lost), and as the United States approaches the anniversary of Roe v. Wade on January 22 —- a moment when 50,000,000 aborted children will be remembered —- let us be clear that abortion is not health care. Not here in the United States, and not overseas.

[Editor’s Note: Here are some organizations which are offering real help to Haiti]

Is Planned Parenthood Bending the Rules?

by Krystle Gabele

June 30, 2009

Lila Rose of Live Action Films exposes an Alabama Planned Parenthood clinic of “bending the rules” of mandatory reporting for sexual abuse.

Posing as a 14-year old, Rose told a counselor at the Birmingham clinic that she was pregnant by her 31-year old “boyfriend” and needed a secret abortion to avoid her parents finding out about her relationship with an older man. The counselor, then proceeded to tell her that the OB-GYN, Dr. Desiree Bates, “sometimes bends the rules a little bit,” and mentioned that everything will remain confidential.

Bending the rules on sexual abuse…there are laws strictly prohibiting this practice in Alabama (and around the country for that matter). According to Alabama Code 26-14-3, health care professionals are REQUIRED to disclose suspected cases of sexual abuse to state officials immediately. In this case, a 31-year old sleeping with a 14-year old is Statutory Rape, which is sexual abuse.

This Planned Parenthood clinic also violated, yet another obvious law (Alabama Code 26-21-3), in which a parent must sign the consent to allow an abortion for a minor to take place. The counselor informed Rose that a signature from an older sister over 18 would suffice for the parental consent.

Rape of a Minor — No Joke!

by Sherry Crater

June 18, 2009

The furor over David Lettermans outrageously crude comments regarding the 14-year- old daughter of Gov. Sarah Palin being knocked up by New York Yankee Alex Rodriquez has quieted down. Governor Palin accepted the apology of the 62-year-old Letterman on behalf of young women like her daughters who want to draw the line, in her words, with men who joke about sexual exploitation of girls.

After much prodding even the National Organization for Women (NOW), certainly not fans of Sarah Palin, had a statement on this situation. NOWs website said: Comedians in search of a laugh should really know better than to snicker about men having sex with teenage girls (or young women) less than half their age.

Letterman may have dodged a bullet in the Palin incident. However, his lewd sexual comments exposed again the hard, ugly truth that criminal sexual abuse of underage girls by older men is occurring in communities all across America. Adding insult to injury, the abuse is actually being covered up by some who claim to help young women.

Consider the findings of a young student at UCLA, Lila Rose, who did some investigative reporting on Planned Parenthood clinics around the nation. Equipped with a hidden camera and posing as an underage girl impregnated by a much older man, Lila produced videos and audio tapes of her interviews with Planned Parenthood personnel.

Lilas work exposed sexual abuse, including unreported statutory rape, as well as other blatant violations by Planned Parenthood of state statutes that were intended to protect young girls.

Above is a video of Lila posing as a 13-year-old girl going to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Indianapolis, IN for an abortion because she is pregnant by her 31-year-old boyfriend. The counselor violated Indiana law by not reporting the apparent statutory rape of a minor girl. Further, she went on to coach the young girl on how to conceal an abortion and get around parental consent laws by going to a surrounding state for an abortion.

For more examples of criminal violations of law by Planned Parenthood go here.

Sarah Palin was rightsexual exploitation of young girls is no laughing matter. There is nothing funny about it.