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Resignation from West Point: Help Needed

by Rob Schwarzwalder

December 6, 2012

A young man has resigned from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point about six months shy of graduation. He cites discriminatory and hostile actions directed at him because of his public profession of atheism.

Blake Page is being hailed as a hero by Mikey Weinstein, the professional anti-religionist and founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Weinstein compares Page’s act to Tibetan monks who self-immolate and Rosa Parks, the civil rights heroine.

Page says he wants to write a book about the discrimination he faced in the military for his atheism, even though West Point allowed him to found a Secular Student Alliance club complete with a faculty advisor.

Neglected in the effusion of liberal enthusiasm for Page’s erstwhile martyrdom is that he suffers from clinical depression, for which reason he was told he would not be commissioned an officer in the Army. More precisely:

The 24-year-old told The Associated Press that a determination this semester that he could not become an officer because of clinical depression played a role in his public protest against what he calls the unconstitutional prevalence of religion in the military.

Clinical depression is a medical condition. University Health Services at the University of California-Berkeley says clinical depression is:

… a serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Individuals with clinical depression are unable to function as they used to. Often they have lost interest in activities that were once enjoyable to them, and feel sad and hopeless for extended periods of time. Clinical depression is not the same as feeling sad or depressed for a few days and then feeling better. It can affect your body, mood, thoughts, and behavior. It can change your eating habits, how you feel and think, your ability to work and study, and how you interact with people.

Clinical depression has organic roots. It is a serious illness. Like any other serious illness, it renders one unfit to serve in military leadership.

Blake Page needs compassion and help, not publicity or exploitation by those who wish to use his professed atheism as a pretext for scrubbing the Armed Forces of their heritage of Judeo-Christian faith. It’s my prayer he will get it.

Is Obama Caving on the Manhattan KSM Trial?

by Chris Gacek

January 29, 2010

The New York Daily News reported last night (Thursday, 1/29/2010):

The White House ordered the Justice Department Thursday night to consider other places to try the 9/11 terror suspects after a wave of opposition to holding the trial in lower Manhattan.

The dramatic turnabout came hours after Mayor Bloomberg said he would prefer that they did it elsewhere and then spoke to Attorney General Eric Holder.

Well, the dam appears to be breaking on ostensibly what is the easiest of the Jack Bauer War issues facing the Obama Administration: that is, where to try KSM. I say ostensibly because the matter of where to try KSM will not be as easy it may seem.

All this being said, there are all sorts of conflicting stories about whether or not this will happen. See Jack Fosters piece at NRO.

According to the Daily News account four options are being considered all in New York State: 1) Governors Island (near Manhattan and Brooklyn); 2) West Point, N.Y.(U.S. Military Academy); 3) Newburgh, N.Y.(Stewart Air National Guard Base); and 4) Otisville, NY (Federal Correction Institution).

Why wont this be so easy? First, leaving aside Governors Island, these communities will go crazy in opposition. Even Governors Island may not leave New Yorkers feeling warm and fuzzy. Second, a civilian trial will still be a disaster. Think Slobodan Milosevic turning the Hague into a circus for a year. Enormous damage will be done to the national security. Third, the cost will still be enormous. Fourth, what civilian will risk his or his familys well-being to sit on the jury? Can the jurors identity be protected?

I guess the good news is that they can always move the trial back to Guantanamo. Didnt KSM already plead guilty before a military commission down there and ask to be executed? Oh, I forgot, he was given the mass-murdering-jihadist-criminal-procedure-do-over-and-mulligan.

So, how long does Eric Holder have left as Attorney General?